Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Time Has Come

Okay here are the three nominees that YOU will be voting for... read the bios, and leave a comment to vote!
#1 Joann Pace!! Mother of eight, and the youngest is now in high school, and since the youngest is now in high school, and she has a little more time on her hands, she going back to work! I swear the woman NEVER stop moving!!
-nominated by Michelle Pace Clark

#2 I want to nominate my sister-in-law Mindie Barlow for the salon treat. Mindie has ALWAYS been a wonderful teacher, in and out of the classroom, but she really does shine in her kindergarten classroom at Bass Elementary. Here's the ting about Mindie, she is ALWAYS upbeat. It doesn't matter that she has over 60 students a day who struggle to keep quiet, not wiggle, and to wipe themselves in the bathroom or that she has another full-time gig as a wife and mom her her own 3 kids, Mindie maintains a positivity that is infectious. From the periphery, I have listened to the parents of her students rave about what a wonderful, loving, and attentive teacher she is. She shows her kids and their strengths and weaknesses; always trying to help them succeed and LOVE learning. Further, Mindie is supportive of her fellow teachers. Teachers can be hard on one another, and office politics can take it's toll, but I've witnessed Mindie time and time again be supportive and friends to all her co-workers. She points out the positivs of those she works with and has a wonderful effect on the morale at her school. And if a darling kindergarten teacher with no time of her own doesn't compel you to pick Mindie Barlow then you need to know that as my friend and my family, she has taught me to be a better person. She is loyal and loving and an example of all that's good in the world. It wasn't my choice that my husband's brother married her, but it could not have been a better blessing in my life. To have a cheerleader and an influence like Mindie has impacted my family's life AND the lives of her students for the better. She needs a day to be pampered and reminded of what a little hot tamale she is, even if Monday - Friday she's teaching how to use scissors, how not to eat the glue sticks and how to sit criss-cross-applesauce.
-nominated by Sarah Barlow

#3 I would like to nominate my daughter, Lindsay. Although she is already beautiful, she is a little stressed out right now and could use some pampering. She is a great teacher and totally deserves a little relaxation. She is stressed with wedding plans, and preparing for school, as well as coaching a high school girl's volleyball team. So ya, vote for Lindsay!!
-nominated by Brenda Jacobson

It's a tough choice, glad I don't have to make it!! Don't forget to leave your comment to vote! And feel free to share this on facebook if you see a choice you REALLY want to win! Happy Voting!

AND good luck to Joann, Lindsay and Mindie!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paris inspring young girls all over!

Okay I know that this is not the person you want your kid to grow up and model their life after, but seriously, check out her hair in this mug shot!

I have had multiple moms in the salon confess that Paris's mug shot, inspired their daughter's first day of school hair!
In the past, even Paris says she likes her mugshots, in 2008 she told the Boston globe. "I like my mugshot, I think I have a really great mugshot. It looks like a magazine shoot"
And why not? Check out these past mugshots. The first one, in 2006 for a DUI and the second in 2007 when she was booked and supposedly serving a 45 day sentence.
So moral of the story is cocaine possession...BAD, but Paris's hair.... GOOD!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Calling all MOMs!

Alright, you guys voted, and I'm listening. We're going to open up the giveaway to really awesome mom's. Because seriously, mom are amazing! They are cooks, taxi drivers, referees, teachers, bandaid putter-on-ers, and bad day fixers, AND never get a dime. SO if you know a really amazing mom that you would like to nominate to get some much needed "me-time" Send me an email ( I'll post the nominees at the end of the week, and let you guys vote on who YOU think should get some special treatment.
I'm still taking nominations for teachers too! So get in your emails, and we'll get these ladies feeling and looking FABULOUS!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Do you know an amazing teacher that deserves a little special treatment? Our teachers work hard, and don't get a lot of credit, or pay... So in honor of back to school I'm giving away a makeover to one lucky teacher. We're talking hair done, a little makeup demonstration, manicure and some RE-lax-ation!

So if you know someone that you'd like to nominate, send a little email my way. and tell me why your pick is the most deserving. We'll take a little vote on facebook at the end of next week, and get our teacher looking great for the new school year. Only rule is you can't nominate yourself. So if you think you deserve it, tell a friend to give you a little shout out!!