Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paris inspring young girls all over!

Okay I know that this is not the person you want your kid to grow up and model their life after, but seriously, check out her hair in this mug shot!

I have had multiple moms in the salon confess that Paris's mug shot, inspired their daughter's first day of school hair!
In the past, even Paris says she likes her mugshots, in 2008 she told the Boston globe. "I like my mugshot, I think I have a really great mugshot. It looks like a magazine shoot"
And why not? Check out these past mugshots. The first one, in 2006 for a DUI and the second in 2007 when she was booked and supposedly serving a 45 day sentence.
So moral of the story is cocaine possession...BAD, but Paris's hair.... GOOD!

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